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Trending News and Recent Events... Get to know the most recent trending activities in the tourism industry.

The Kenyan government has sent a stern warning to poachers whose main intention is to ruin the tourism sector.


ShabiqKenya Advertising and Marketing Agency shall only be involved in the following activities and scope of service;

  1. Content
  2. ShabiqKenya, through the official website, and its affiliate print-outs (periodicals) and sales literature shall relay content that is:

    1. Provided by ShabiqKenya Agency staff and website maintainers: - This is content licensed or otherwise owned by ShabiqKenya Agency through the approval of the client(s) and that is licensed or otherwise owned by the agency and the client(s). This is content regarding the services and products offered by the client(s) with an aim to improve marketing of the services or products.
    2. Content that is uploaded, posted, submitted, transmitted or otherwise transmitted or shared by affiliated business partners, organizations or business entities and firms, agencies and such persons.
    3. Any other content that is uploaded, posted, submitted or otherwise transmitted by our clients and users or viewers of the agency website.
  3. Product and Service Advertising and Marketing
  4. ShabiqKenya Agency shall be involved in marketing and branding of products and services on behalf of its clients, and carrying out market researches and analysis reference to the terms of agreement between the service provider (ShabiqKenya Agency) and the client. Such services may include online bookings/reservations and pre-arranged trips and tours in collaboration with tour and travel agencies. However, the contract details for the marketing of such services shall be different from the contract of online advertising.

  5. Carrying Out Online and Sale Literature Advertisements
  6. This will be done upon personal and business agreement and terms between ShabiqKenya Agency and the various persons, companies, hotels, resorts, institutions, organizations, restaurants, business premises or any other entities that may use official website pages, or documents (periodicals), sale literature such as brochures and flyers and such other resources to carry out advertisements. The involved parties in the agreement (ShabiqKenya Agency and the client(s) shall keep constant communication so as to ensure satisfaction between both parties as arrived upon in their agreement.

  7. Displaying Photographs, Images, Graphical, Audio and Video Articles
  8. All media document used or displayed in the ShabiqKenya Agency website pages; either audio, video or pictorial shall be original and shall belong to the agency and its staff. Any other media documents used by the agency in its pages shall be done so upon agreement between the agency and the original owners of the media document, item or article involved.

  9. Relaying News, Updates and Current Events Regarding Kenya's Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  10. Certain segments and pages within the agency website shall be used to relay the latest news, updates and events regarding tourism, tourist activities and the hospitality industry in Kenya, the East African region, Africa and the world. The authenticity of the information relayed in these segments shall be assured by ShabiqKenya Agency and its staff.

  11. Interlinks With Various Online Marketing Groups and Tourism Service Providers
  12. ShabiqKenya Agency, its staff, surfers (viewers or internet visitors), clients and any other dependants of our website shall relay various links within the agency official website pages, for mutual business and marketing benefits. ShabiqKenya Agency shall also engage in frequent communication with various other companies, organizations, individuals, agencies and entities whose website links have been relayed in ShabiqKenya Agency website pages and files; whenever necessary. However; the other links associated or relayed by ShabiqKenya Agency do not operate under similar terms and private policies as they apply to this agency. We (ShabiqKenya Agency, its staff and site maintainers) do not have any control over websites of third party entities.

  13. Social Interaction and Globalization
  14. ShabiqKenya Agency encourages social interaction and globalization activities. This will be done by allowing the management, staff, surfers (viewers or internet visitors) and site maintainers to engage in exchange of ideas and information through social websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and many more). Any Information from the users of the site shall be held confidential and shall not be released to a third party not unless upon permission from the holder and owner of the information. Please check our privacy policy segment.


  1. ShabiqKenya Agency website is specifically designed and obligated to relay information and market Kenya's tourism and hospitality industry; via its website. Consequently; the use of the website is not only limited to the visitors from Kenya or around the East African region; but globally. Therefore the use of certain terms like entity, entities, trade affiliates and organizations are intended to mean individual or group website visitors, hotels, business institutions, corporations, resorts, lodges (accommodation service providers), animal national parks and animal national reserves, marine national parks and marine national reserves, animal conservancies, animal sanctuaries, security agencies or leadership institutions, unique (special) tourist attraction sites, learning institutions or monetary institutions and any other such agencies or bodies that may have been, or may be named, used or relayed in ShabiqKenya Agency website or consequent files and linked website addresses or contact details.
  2. All agreements between ShabiqKenya Agency and any other entities to be involved in a business, personal or mutual agreement shall be in official writing and the records shall be preserved by the involved entities in case of future reference or use.
  3. ShabiqKenya Agency, business partners, hotels, companies, resorts, lodges (accommodation service providers), individuals, staff or any other users of ShabiqKenya Agency shall respect the boundaries of time and resource allocations. Please check our privacy policy segment.
  4. ShabiqKenya Agency, through its website; shall and reserves the right to revise, change, modify or otherwise alter, posting new charges and tariffs, but shall inform its traffic (surfers and online users) and its clients and customers and business partners before implementations of the rectifications.
  5. Any incomplete and unsafe content from whichever parties or entities shall not be relayed in the agency's official website pages, files or subsequent pages, files, links and sales literature; not until all the rights and lawful jurisdictions and provisions have been adhered to so as to assure client satisfaction.
  6. To use the set and agreed upon payment thresholds and to use the payment methods and reach the agreed upon package charges.
  7. Any compensations to be met between ShabiqKenya Agency and the other entities and clients involved shall be held private and confidential between the affected and involved parties alone. However; a third party (a witness, authorities and law enforcement agencies) could be involved where the need arises. Please check our privacy policy segment.
  8. ShabiqKenya Agency, its staff and website maintainers, users and affiliates business users, tourists and visitors, organizations and trading entities warrant that the information and content and articles; whether audio, video, images, photographs, graphical or otherwise pictorial shall;
    1. Not include false, incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise ill-intended information about an organization, an individual, site visitors or any other information about another entity prior to an agreement with the entity.
    2. Not violate any existing laws and regulations set.
    3. Not be defamatory or trade libellous.
    4. Not be obscene, contain or be related to any kind or intent of pornography.
    5. Not contain any form of viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs, warms or other computer program or applications that may be intended to damage, suspiciously interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system or machine, entity information and rights or data.
    6. Not infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, trade agreements or secret(s) or any other existing proprietary rights reserved or the right of privacy or publicity.
  9. In instances of unagreed, unfulfilled or unmet expectations, terms, conditions or requests; any intended information, articles, images, photographs, audio and videos; the issue shall be settled between ShabiqKenya Agency and the affected party(ies); and rights and interests of all parties shall be respected.
  10. To respect the opinions, requests and feedback from ShabiqKenya Agency and its website staff, users, viewers and business entities, individuals or partners.
  11. There shall not be transfer of already purchased advertising and marketing period (package time); unless under the following conditions;
    1. The client (entity, company or business premises) allocated the advertisement period (package time) closes its premises due to relocation or renovation activities.
    2. There is an instance of a misunderstanding between ShabiqKenya Agency and the client who purchased the advertisement period (package time).
    3. ShabiqKenya Agency main website and any of its affiliate social websites breaks down due to any form of viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs, warms or other computer programs or applications that may be intended to damage, suspiciously interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system or machine, entity information and rights or data being advertised.
    4. In an instance that ShabiqKenya Agency main website and any of its affiliate social websites requests to be offline for a specified period of time due to relocation or renovation activities, exhaustive recruitment of its staff or for maintenance purposes. ShabiqKenya Agency shall engage in timely communication, via the communication channels priory provided so as to arrive at an agreement with the individual affected entity, company or business premises. Please refer to the terms of service indicated in the Business Contract.
    5. In the instance of the above mentioned conditions; ShabiqKenya Agency and the affected client to which the advertisement period (package time) had been allocated to shall engage in timely communication, via the communication channels priory provided so as to arrive at an agreement.


Any information and articles; either in the form of audio, video pictorial or graphical provided and displayed by ShabiqKenya Agency on this website has been and shall be done so in good faith. However; ShabiqKenya Advertising and Marketing Agency website and periodicals or other documents do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, availability, completeness, fitness or availability of any unwanted or unintended purposes that may arise as a result of it. ShabiqKenya Agency; through its website and website maintainers defends and shall always defend the use of any information and articles; either in the form of audio, video, graphical or pictorial or whatsoever other media modes and shall not be liable for any omissions or neglected segments that may arise without their intention.

ShabiqKenya Agency shall not be held liable to any shortcomings caused by the information provided in its articles; whether images, audio files and graphical items. ShabiqKenya Agency shall also not be held liable for propagation of worms or viruses transmitted from the site. These occurrences might be as a result of negative internet surfers and users; ShabiqKenya Agency does not intend to cause any negative effects to its users, staff ans surfers. By accessing the agency website; you agree to the terms and conditions as they are defined. You also agree not to hold any harmful acts to any individuals or partners involved or named in the agency website pages or files, the staff, companies involved, business partners and website maintainers.

Please check our Privacy Policy page.