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Fact-file... Get the opportunity to know some of the unique features and facts about Kenya's Tourism.

Kenya is indeed an international tourist destination. There are more than 100 National Parks and Animal Reserves in Kenya.


There is a wide variety of safaris and tourism activities and services in Kenya, besides the unmatched numerous tourist destinations in Kenyan. Your level of enjoyment will therefore depend on your choice of safari!

Below are examples of safari options in you can have during your tour in Kenya;

  1. Beach Safaris
  2. The Kenyan Coast and the lake region are known for their warm worldly beaches. These are the places you could have some of the most memorable safaris in Kenya. Walking along the beaches would include swimming, eating out, family hang-outs and photography. The Kenya beaches; both inland and coastal are generally warm, grazed by cool breezes. This serves as relieve sites for couples who come for honey-moons, work vacations and spending a holiday out with the family. Please make sure you are in company of a swimming professional; if you are not good at swimming yet you may want to swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

  3. Adventures and Nature Walks
  4. Kenya is a very adventurous country. You will evidently notice it during your touring. Some of the best places to have an adventurous, natural walk include the Nairobi Animal orphanage and the Nairobi Giraffe centre, The South Coast and the Lake Turkana areas. The central, Southern and Eastern areas of Kenya are hilly; thus providing very good sites for mountain and hill climbers.

  5. Business Safaris
  6. Many have visited Kenya and ended up being the greatest investors in the country; within the same industry. This is evidenced by the ever increasing number of foreign investors in Kenya. Besides; a visit to Kenya could also serve as an opportunity for many tourists; both local and international; who would like to explore the country's business potential. Kenya is a member of the East African Community (EAC), Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) amongst many other trade blocks in Africa and the World.

  7. Educational and Historical
  8. The Kenyan education system is proven to be one of the best; not only in Africa, but in the world. This is evidenced by the large number of foreign students studying in Kenya. During your visit; you might want to visit some of the leading universities in Kenya including The University of Nairobi, Moi University, Kenyatta University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, Egerton University, Dedan Kimathi University, Kenya Methodist University, Mount Kenya University, Pwani University, Meru University, United States International University (USIU), Catholic University just to list but a few! These institutions are all ISO Certified and offer various research and technology related studies. Please make a plan to pass by any of them and make an educational safari. The country has various manufacturing, processing and service industries which serve as industrial attachment areas for both local and foreign students.

  9. Eating Out and Camping Safaris
  10. Kenya has very many public parks within the various cities, towns and other county public where very many families and organizations spend their free time with their friends and peers to eat out and have fun. One could also have a picnic in the wild, where special areas have been set within the national parks and reserves through the help of the Kenya Wildlife Service Security services and other services in such areas are provided for by the Kenya Wildlife Service wardens.

  11. Birding Safaris
  12. The Kakamega forest in Kakamega County is home to over 430 species of birds. This is the only Equatorial Forest in East Africa. This is definately a good area for bird lovers, ecological students and researchers visiting Kenya. Moreover, the Lake Nakuru National Park in Nakuru County is home to over 1.5 million flamingoes. The area, in an aerial view is referred to as the sea of flamingoes. However, the population of the flamingos varies with varying weather conditions and seasons. Other birds around the lake include pelicans, gulls and storks.

  13. Ecological Safaris
  14. Kenya's climate is generally warm. However; temperatures tend to fall and rise from one region to the other depending on seasons. This kind of climate provides the country's tourists with favourable conditions to carry out researches, spend their honey-moon, holidays, working vacations and business safaris. The biodiversity of the country's flora and fauna crates an enabling environment to ecological researchers and students. Moreover, The National Museums of Kenya which has its headquarters in Nairobi and branches in other major towns in the country are resourceful and well equipped with historical artifacts. The Kenya National Libraries are also adequately equipped with books and IT equipment regarding animal and plant life.

  15. Sporting Safaris
  16. Kenya is home to some of the most famous world athletes. For instance Nandi County is not only referred to as the home of athletes, but the source of champions. Kenya's athletes have won and set various world records and events. The country has also performed exceptionally well in rugby, women's volleyball and safari rally. Your visit to Kenya during such events as the safari rallies, athletics, the Kenya football league and rugby series events could provide you an opportunity to interact with world class champions.

  17. Wildlife Safaris
  18. The Kenyan government through its corporations like the Kenya Wildlife Service has set up various national parks and animal reserves throughout the country. These parks and reserves provide habitation for wild animals and plant life. A visit to these areas will definitely provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the country's biodiversity of flora and fauna. The areas around central Kenya, and stretches towards the north will provide you with the best view points to the great rift valley.

  19. Cultural Safaris
  20. Kenya is characterised by a rich cultural heritage and background. Certain communities in Kenya like the Maasai, Samburu and Turkana are among the very few communities in Africa that are still adept to their culture. This has made these communities culturally rich and as reference sources for the African culture and practices. There are various attraction sites found within the areas of these community. Kindly mate an attempt to visit these areas to be entertained by cultural dancers who have taken their time to perfect traditional music and dancing. The Kenyan coast is also culturally rich, with a history dating back to the 5th Century. You would not want to miss these areas for a cultural safari.