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ShabiqKenya Advertising and Marketing Agency recognizes the importance and value of your privacy. We therefore respect your privacy and are committed to protecting any personal information that you entrust to us.

This page will be used to describe the various steps and measures we have taken to respect and protect your personal information and how we use cookies on this website. However, we warn and advice that you should check the page regularly since we may have to change this information from time to time.

  1. What range of personal information does ShabiqKenya Agency ask for?
  2. By making a booking with ShabiqKenya Agency, we will ask for your full names, geographical location, email address and telephone numbers. For clients that are seeking to advertise or market their facilities and services with us, we require the details indicated in our advertising page.

    For clients and customers or guests that choose to make their payments online, we will ask for the necessary payment information as may be required by our online and bank secure online payment providers. We recognize the sensitivity of your credit/debit card information and we therefore do not share or reveal it unrecognised parties in our transactions.

    We also retain the rights to gather background information of the visits that our website visitors make. Such information may include your IP addresses, the types of devices used to access the website, internet browsers used, geographical locations, types of operating systems and such other settings. These items act as important requirements to us so as to improve our services.

  3. Why does ShabiqKenya Agency need the personal information, and who do we share it with?
  4. Reservations and Bookings: We rely and use the information you provide to us manage your reservations or bookings. Similarly, most if not all accommodation service providers require such information so as to meet certain expectations.

    Administration and Personalization of Contract: We require linking all client advertisements and customer or guest bookings to their specific requirements, preferences and services so as to allow us and them have a user friendly social and business environment. We may also need information that will enable us fully personalize client advertising and marketing. This is arguably the best way to maintain relevance of services.

    Client and Customer/Guest Services: Providing an unmatched and customized client and customer or guest service remains to be our key objective. We are committed to using the information you provide to us to enable us serve you best. However, we may require working in collaboration with third parties to fulfill some of the client and customer or guest needs. That may include, but not limited to transport and communication services.

    Client and Customer/Guest Reviews: We shall use the client and customer or guest reviews and information you provide to us so as to make better our services in future. Certain service providers may also request such reviews and information from us so as to better their services for future guests.

    Advertising and Marketing Activities: There will be need for us use the personal information and booking history sent to us by our clients and customers or guests to send to them newsletters and special offers that may be of relevance to their email addresses, short messages to their phone numbers and push notifications. However, this will depend on the preferences by the clients, customers or guests. We may also ask our clients and customers to take part in market researches and analysis at their consent. There may be times when we shall have to carry out time to time communications. These would be for specific reasons such as; responding to specific needs and requests, finalizing and confirming a booking and consulting on change of prices or any other new events or plans.

    Security and Fraud Prevention: Fraud detection and prevention is our key commitment. This will help us in maintaining our client and customer base and trust. Therefore, we may be required to use your personal information for the detection and prevention of suspicious and other unwanted activities. This will also help us to improve on the way we offer our services.

  5. At what point can ShabiqKenya Agency share your personal data to a third party(ies)?
  6. With Accommodation and Tourist Facilities: We shall always require using guests’ or service seekers’ relevant personal information with the clients or service providers. This is necessary in preparing them for what they expect. This may include full names of the guests, location, dates of travelling, contact details, and booking preferences. However, we shall not reveal service seekers’ payment information to service providers for customers, guests or service seekers that choose to pay through us.

    Third Party Service Providers: ShabiqKenya Agency shall use third party service providers for some parts of our business. These third parties may require certain key information about our clients, customers or guests which we shall have to share your information with them. This is because the tourism and hospitality industry is a very broad industry in Kenya. These may include, but not limited to; advertising and marketing companies, tour operators and travel agencies, outsourced customer care, communication companies, security agencies, payment providers, analytics and consulting companies. However, we assure you that whenever such need arises; these third party providers will be entirely bound by confidentiality agreements. They shall not be at liberty to use such information provided to them for any purposes other than for the specific work or services they shall have been contracted to offer or do for us.

    Competent Authorities: We shall share your personal information with government or investigative authorities where the law shall require us to do so. However, this shall be done entirely on regulation by law. Examples of such instances shall include court orders, subpoenas and orders that may arise from criminal investigations and such other legal processes. Moreover, we may have to disclose client and customer or guest personal data if it is deemed necessary for the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal activities.

  7. ShabiqKenya Agency and the social media
  8. Social media has proven to be an important platform in promoting and improving our services and those of our clients. There is information that is shared to us by our clients, service seekers and other service providers. Therefore, by accessing our social media platforms, there is information that is shared with the social media providers. Such information may in the end be displayed on your profile and/or shared with your network provider(s).

    We also largely depend on the social media to display advertisements and information about our clients. However, these advertisements and such other key information shall only be displayed on our social media pages.

  9. How does ShabiqKenya Agency use the guest requests and reviews sent to us?
  10. ShabiqKenya Agency receives numerous requests from service providers and service seekers from time to time. Our clients make requests and consultation services on our services.

    Once you as a client or service seeker has purchased an advertising and marketing contract or made a booking and a successful stay with a ShabiqKenya Agency client, we may contact you to ask for your review or feedback regarding us and/or the accommodation facility or client and/or the tourist destination. The review may require you to fill a client, customer or guest review form which we may use to inform future clients and guests of your opinion and for marketing purposes. Please check our target Terms of Service page for further explanation.

  11. ShabiqKenya Agency and mobile devices or mobile services
  12. ShabiqKenya Agency recognizes the unmatched speed of change in the mobile devices industry. Therefore, we have a version of our website that is optimized and specifically designed for mobile device platforms. There shall not be any difference in the information we relay or share in our mobile website version and the regular website. However, the mobile website version may use location services so that it is able to tailor the experience to where our users are at a specific time.

    We are continuously working on both versions of the website so as to optimize internet customer experience.


Cookies are bits of information that a website places on a visitor that visits the website. Cookies help the computer know something about the specific visitor the next time they visit, or help other websites know something about the visitor’s your browsing behaviour.

How long does a cookie take to remain active?

Cookies have different lifespans. Certain cookies may last as long as five years. Visitors to our website are able to view our cookies, as much as we are able to view their cookies. However, visitors to our website and any other website retain the right to enable or disable cookies in the browsers by changing the browser settings. We have no control over third party cookies, as much as no other party has control over our cookies.

Why are cookies important to ShabiqKernya Agency?

There are various types of cookies that are of great importance to ShabiqKenya Agency.

  1. Functional Cookies
  2. They are able to remember your personal preferences. These help the visitor save time and effort on subsequent visits. Functional Cookies allow us remember your language and other preferences such as currency and the facilities and destinations you search for frequently.

  3. Technical Cookies
  4. These are able to allow us optimize our website to every visitor that visits our website. This helps us provide the most user friendly services possible. Moreover, these cookies help the website function normally, creating accounts and chatting with other visitors and managing reservations and bookings.

  5. Commercial Cookies
  6. These enable us to create effective marketing strategies and campaigns on other websites and social media. Moreover, these cookies enable us only relay to our visitors adverts for accommodation and destinations they are more likely to have interest in.

  7. Analytics Cookies
  8. These are informative cookies that are used by our maintenance team to continuously improve our website. These cookies provide information about the most frequently visited pages, the average times spent by each visitor, regions providing the most number of hits, key phrases used on search engines and such other interaction. However, do not be drawn back, these cookies do not tell us who you are!!!

ShabiqKenya Agency and Beacons

Web beacons are tiny images that are usually delivered to a website visitor’s computer either via a webpage or via email. ShabiqKenya Agency reserves the right to use web beacons as part of our online advertisements and marketing activities. Web beacons help us tell whether our website visitors are able to view the advertisements we place on the website. Moreover, web beacons help us analyze traffic patterns and track the performance and activities by our visitors and competitor websites so as to ensure we provide a competitive and optimized business environment.


What security measures has ShabiqKenya Agency put in place to ensure protection of the information provided by its clients, customers or guests?

Security of any form of information provided to us is essential. In accordance with data protection laws, privacy policies and such other legal laws of Kenya, we observe reliable measures and procedures to prevent unauthorized access and the misuse of personal information. We use appropriate measures, procedures and systems to ensure safety of the personal information provided to us. Our website is hosted by Kenya Web Experts Company, who ensures that our servers are adequately protected by technical and physical restrictions on accessing and using any form of personal information that they may contain. . ShabiqKenya Agency entirely controls and oversees the processing and control of personal information on its website.

Are there control measures on the amount and form of personal information clients and customers or guests give to ShabiqKenya Agency?

Our clients and customers reserve the right to review the form and amount of personal information they provide to us. Moreover, they (clients and customers) reserve the privilege to request an overview of the personal information that we may be holding about them by sending email to

In an instance that the personal information we hold about a client, customer or guest are incorrect, we shall be at liberty to update the information upon their request. Similarly, if our clients and customers would like us to completely remove their personal information from our website and database; we request them to send email to or via the communication channels provided in our contacts page. However, we warn that there may be need for us to retain certain information for legal and/or administrative purposes. This would include, but not limited to detecting fraudulent criminal acts.

Children and Content

ShabiqKenya Agency, through its reservations or bookings platform aims at customers and guests that are above the age of 18 years. This is specifically due to certain kind of information that we may ask for from them in order to accentuate to the reservation or booking. However, the reservation or booking services can be accessed by children below the pre-stated age (18 years) with the consent of a parent or guardian.

Therefore, we reserve the right to delete or ignore the information we receive from service seekers or clients that are below the age of 18 years. Nonetheless, the content relayed and displayed in our mobile version website and the regular website is monitored and is fit for all persons above the age of 5 years.

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