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    Food and Soft Beverages

    Alcoholic Beverages

    Outside Catering

    Pastries and Cakes

    Lodging and Accommodation

    Conference Facilities

    Outside Camping (Wild Camping)

    Scouting Activities

    Historical Facility

    Social Event Organizer

    ~Please mark appropriately

    Tourist Transport Operations

    Communication Services

    Video Coverage and Photography

    Music, Dance and Art

    Cultural Heritage Centre

    Mountain and Valley Climbing

    Sporting Activities

    Tourist Security Company

    Educational Facility (Institution)

    Motorbike/Bicycle Riding

    ~Please mark appropriately

    Artifacts and Jewellery

    Swimming in the Wild

    Museum (National Museum)

    Animal Orphanage

    Animal Centre (Sanctuary)

    Animal Conservancy

    Animal National Reserve

    Marine National Park

    Animal National Park

    Marine National Reserve

    Please list below any other special services or current offers on products and services that are provided by company, business premises or entity;

    Please share with us on how you learned of ShabiqKenya Advertising and Marketing Agency. Kindly choose appropriately.

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    The various packages offered by our agency are provided in the Microsoft Word Document or the Portable Document Files below.

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  8. Kindly indicate below; appropriately on the amount of time you would like to relay your advertisement via ShabiqKenya Agency website and its social website platforms and and other platforms.

    How many times have you successfully applied for advertisement on ShabiqKenya?

    Note: The second, third, fourth or fifth subsequent applications will only be considered once a previous successful advertisement period is completed; and fulfilled.

  9. Acceptance for Responsibility
  10. By presenting this information; I have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions put forth and offered by ShabiqKenya Advertising and Marketing Agency.

    I; (Names indicated below) on behalf of the company, facility or entity; for which I am presenting this advertisement, shall respect and adhere to all the aforementioned procedures and charges so as to have my/our articles/advertisements advertised and marketed by ShabiqKenya Agency via the avenues provided by the service provider, for this particular case ShabiqKenya Advertising and Marketing Agency.

    Kindly know that before your presented article is accepted for publication as an advertisement by ShabiqKenya Advertising and Marketing Agency; there are certain Terms and Condition of Service that you must have read and understood to decide on choosing to work with us. We also have an elaborated charges sheet and the various packages as they were provided above. You can also receive an extra copy upon request.

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