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The Chief Executive Officer

Abu Dennis

The CEO and Founder of ShabiqKenya Agency

Primarily, he is responsible for making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the agency. The CEO also acts as the main point of communication between the management and the agency's operations.


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Sales and Marketing Director

Cate David

Senior Tour and Travel Marketer and Consultant

Managing marketing for the agency and activities within the marketing department. Developing the marketing strategies for the agency in line with agency objectives. Co-ordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities.


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The Finance Secretary

Charles Mwadime

Head of the Accounting Department

Oversee the financial administration of the agency, review procedures and financial reporting, advise the board of management on financial strategies, and prepare all payment authorizations as approved by the executive board. Give receipts for all monies received or spent by the agency.


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Operations Director

Robert Kimathi

Head of Operations, Human Resource Department and Team/Corporate Building

Driving the business to increase profits, reviewing and approving equipment needs, working with other department heads and senior management to get the best performance from staff and reveiwing domestic and international tour and travel working practices.


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The Agency Secretary

Terrinah Malkia

In charge of Documentation, Group Holidays and Wedding Packages

Investigating customer satisfaction and reporting any issues to the agency management board, responsible for the efficient administration of the agency; particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.


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Office Manager/Receptionist

Ann Kakena

Head of Office Operations, Office Reception and Administration Duties

Answering visitors' enquiries about a the agency and its products or services, directing office visitors to their various intended destinations, sorting, handing out and replying mails, answering and making calls.


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