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Trending News and Recent Events... Get to know the most recent trending activities in the tourism industry.

The Kenyan government has sent a stern warning to poachers whose main intention is to ruin the tourism sector.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions

  1. Can I invest in the tourism sector in Kenya?
  2. Yes, you can invest in the Kenya's tourism sector. This is why the government has set up the Ministry of Tourism. The ministry is mandated to provide investors, intending-investors, stakeholders and tourists with all the required information concerning tourism activities in the country and the East African region. Please visit for more information.

  3. What services can I acquire at ShabiqKenya Agency or the ShabiqKenya Agency website?
  4. This website, by ShabiqKenya Agency is an informative, a utilitarian, a resourceful and an interactive tourism website in Kenya that is specifically designed to provide you with information and keys to the basket of tourism and tourism opportunities and destinations in Kenya. The site enables you to roam over the various give-aways, offers, high definition photographs, images and video clips, maps to various tourist attraction sites and communication channels within and outside the country, procedures for visa application, lessons of learning basic Kiswahili and Kiswahili foods, awards and tenders, all information regarding tourism exhibitions and expos and so much more!

    Please use this link so as to get more information about ShabiqKenya Agency.

  5. How do I get my business or article advertised by ShabiqKenya Agency?

    It is evident that the internet is the fastest growing and apparently the most affordable means and platform of contracting business and getting those business opportunities. ShabiqKenya Advertising and Marketing Agency is specifically designed to avail these avenues and opportunities at the most reliable, customized and dependable services. Besides allowing you to have a visit to Kenya's tourism industry before the actualization of the trip or tour; this website gives the various stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industry in Kenya to showcase their products and services to global clients. Please Contact Us in order to advertise your tourism or hospitality business, premises, company or entity with us; or simply Use this Platform to Prepare and Present your advertisement to us.

  6. What are the channels of communication I can use when I am stuck during my visit in Kenya?
  7. There has been a great investment in the communication and information industry in Kenya. Therefore; there are various telephone industry service providers who offer cheap telephone services in Kenya. Tourists are encouraged to have simple communication devices, like telephone gadgets that are able to use and acquire the various networks within Kenya. Tourists are also encouraged to take communication channels like active telephone numbers and postal addresses of tourist transport operators, hotels and lodges and any other service operator to enable them make any follow up if faced with unexpected difficulties. Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you are faced with inconveniences during your trip in Kenya.

  8. Can I study tourism or tourism related courses in Kenya?
  9. Yes, you can take either a short or long academic course in tourism in Kenya. This will definitely depend on your availability. These courses are offered invarious public and private institutions across the country. Please acquire your immigration documents at the immigration department of Kenya so as to acquire legal presence in Kenya.