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Kindly visit the Immigration Department of Kenya official website page if you have any questions, or seeking assistance.


Kenya boasts of four operational International airports and several private airstrips. There is the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi, the Moi International Airport in Eldoret and another in Mombasa and the Oginga Odinga International Airport in Kisumu. A fifth international airport is close completion at Isiolo to enhance international cargo transportation and travels. Kenya's national airline is the Kenya Airways which has flights to the vast South America, Europe, Northern America, Australia, Africa, Asia and the Arabic Countries. Moreover, there are other tourists who enter the country via its coastal ports. Tourists entering Kenya via the airports or the sea-ports must process and acquire their immigration documents at the port facilities.

The aforementioned airports serve other internationally recognized carries like the Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlanta Airline, British Airways, Air-Ethiopia and Air-Rwanda; just to mention but a few. These are evidently among the world's renowned airlines in the world.

Kenya is a former British colony and therefore a member of the Commonwealth Nations. This has made it easy for tourists travelling into the country from member Commonwealth countries and from the United Kingdom. Tourists from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and America can access their travelling visas at the Kenya High Commission

Tourists from any of the countries within the East African region like Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Southern Sudan and the Sudan Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi can easily access Kenya via road transport means. However, such tourists must comply with all immigration requirements and their immigration documents can be processed at the land entry points to Kenya.

For more information regarding charges on visa and many more, please check the immigration department of Kenya. In order to acquire more information regarding investing in the tourism sector in Kenya, please visit the Kenya Tourism Board website on:

Please visit the Kenya Airports Authority official page and view the various airports and airport operations in Kenya.