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HALLO, JAMBO, KARIBU KENYA. This is a simple and a basic Swahili greeting in East Africa; of HALLO, WELCOME TO KENYA .

Swahili (also referred to as Kiswahili) is the most widely used language; not only in Kenya, but the vast East African region.

Basic Swahili greetings

  1. Jambo -This is the most common greeting, to say 'hallo'. A common reply to hallo is 'hallo'.
  2. Habari ya Asubuhi or Sabalkheri -A morning greeting, how is your morning.
  3. Habari ya Mchana or Masakheri -An afternoon greeting, how is your afternoon.
  4. Habari ya jioni -An evening greeting, how is your evening.
  5. Habari ya usiku -A night greeting, how is your night.
  6. Usiku Mwema, Alamsiki -This is to say 'Good night'. A reply to this is Binuru, or Usiku mwema pia; meaning good night to you too.
  7. Asubuhi, mchana, jioni, usiku therefore mean morning, afternoon, evening and night respectively. A simple reply to these greetings is njema. Njema means fine.

  8. Umeshindaje -This is also an evening greeting. It asks "how was your day".
  9. Umeamkaje -This is a morning greeting. The person greeting would like to know how your night was.
  10. A simple reply to the two greetings in 6 and 7 above would be njema, or salama. Salama to mean okay.