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Kenya's Geographical Fact-file... Get to know some of the most amazing geographical facts about Kenya.

Mount Kenya is centrally located in the country. The mountain is 5199 metres tall, the second highest in the East African region after Mount Kilimanjaro.


HALLO, JAMBO, KARIBU KENYA. This is a simple and a basic Swahili greeting in East Africa; of HALLO, WELCOME TO KENYA .

Swahili (also referred to as Kiswahili) is the most widely used language; not only in Kenya, but the vast East African region.

Basic Swahili greetings

Swahili Greeting English Reply/Answer
1. Jambo -This is the most common greeting, to say 'hallo'. A common reply to hallo is 'jambo'
2. Habari -This is also a common greeting, to say 'hallo'. A common reply to habari is 'njema'
3. Sabalkheri -A morning greeting, how is your morning. Reply to this is 'Sabalkheri or salama'
4. Habari ya Mchana -An afternoon greeting, how is your afternoon. Reply to this is 'njema'
5. Masalkheri -An evening greeting, how is your evening. Reply to this is 'Masalkheri or salama'
6. Habari ya usiku -A night greeting, how is your night. Reply to this is 'salama'
7. Alamsiki -This is to say 'Good night'. A reply to this is 'binuru, or Usiku mwema pia'; meaning good night to you too
Asubuhi, mchana, jioni, usiku therefore mean morning, afternoon, evening and night respectively. A simple reply to these greetings is njema.
8. Umeshindaje -This is also an evening greeting. It asks "how was your day". Reply to this is 'salama'
9. Umeamkaje -This is a morning greeting. The person greeting would like to know how your night was. Reply to this is 'salama'
Salama is Swahili word for 'fine', or 'okay'.