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ShabiqKenya Agency is an informative, a utilitarian, a resource-oriented and an interactive tourism and hospitality advertising and marketing agency in Kenya. We are specifically destined and designed to provide you with customized advertising and marketing services, online accommodation and facility booking services, tour consultancy services, information and keys to the basket of tourism, tourism opportunities and destinations and unmatched hospitality facilities in Kenya. Through this website, you are able to roam over the various give-aways, offers, high definition photographs or images, and quality audio clips. We shall also help you arrange for your trips and tours, acquire product and service branding, carry out market researches, maps to various tourist attraction sites, hospitality facilities and communication channels within and outside the country. Moreover, ShabiqKenya Agency is here to provide to you procedures for visa application, easy basic Swahili lessons. This will include names for Swahili foods, Swahili animal names, Swahili relationship names, Swahili equipment names and many many more, all under one basket. ShabiqKenya Agency further informs you of any available awards and tenders, all information regarding tourism exhibitions and expositions and so much more!

ShabiqKenya Agency, through this website, its social website platforms and print material will provide you with the basic and necessary information in good faith and is also set to encourage social interaction and globalization. More information about jurisdictions of business and terms of service have been provided in subsequent pages of this website. You are indeed in the right place!

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Welcome to Kenya via ShabiqKenya Agency, Kenya's informative, utilitarian, resourceful and interactive tourism and hospitality agency that provides TOURISM and HOSPITALITY ADVERTISING and MARKETING SERVICES. Shabiqkenya Agency is explicitly designed to provide you with an interactive platform, that will easily enable you to explore the unmatched tourism destinations and hospitality services in Kenya. Moreover, this agency; through its website will simply enable you to plan for your trips and tours to Kenya before their actualization; besides many more online and offline services that include unmatched, unequalled, unrivalled Safaris and Services that are available in Kenya.

In addition; ShabiqKenya Agency provides you with communication channels and details to various major Hotels and Lodges Kenya amongst many other tourism services and facilities in the country. Please Plan for Your Trip or Holiday at the comfort of your home, workplace or in your car via ShabiqKenya Agency. Our staff are dedicated to help you acquire online and offline advertising and marketing services. Our website is designed to avail to you all you need as you plan for your trip to the world's tourism enchantment destination!

If you are an investor, an intending-investor, a service provider, an operator or a shareholder of whatsoever magnitude or kind and you needed an online advertising and marketing platform; then you are in the right place! ShabiqKenya Agency is here to advertise and market your products, services, provide branding services, pre-plan your trips and link you to other service seekers and service providers.

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Kahama Hotel is a five star hotel at the beach of Mombasa. The hotel offers foods, accommodation and conference facilities. The hotel has recreational facilities like a bar and pool tables. Please visit us and have yourself a memorable time.

Please visit Kahama Hotel Mombasa and enjoy more of our products and services.

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